• Versatility

    Project on any flat surface, be it a wall or ceiling. Move it around your home as needed, bedroom, lounge, kitchen. Or even take it to your friend's party with you.

  • All in one entertainment hub

    All our models run on Android, and come with Youtube, Netflix, and even more apps that yon can find on the Google Play store.

  • Easy on your eyes

    Compared with the direct light emitted from LED screens, projectors light is reflected, meaning much less strain on your eyes, enjoy long viewing sessions minus the dry eyes.

  • Screen size unrivalled by LED TV

    Easily project an image 100" (250cm) and beyond. Cinematic experience right at home.

Find the perfect projector for you

The projector market is filled with similar generic models with obscure specifications, making it very difficult to find what we really need. Raytos was created to offer just a handful of models, each designed to serve a distinct purpose, so you can decide on the perfect model in no time.